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Mr. Fred Curls



Curls Jude Joseph LLC’s roots extend deep in Kansas City soil. Since the founding of Fred Curls Realty Co. (later known as Curls & Associates) in 1952, and continuing through that company’s merger in 2005 with locally owned Jude Joseph LLC, the firm has been an integral part of the Kansas City real estate scene. 


Founded in 1952 by Fred Curls, one of the first African-American brokers and the first African-American appraiser in Kansas City, Missouri, Curls and Associates provided a significant number of realty-related services to the
African-American community and to other Kansas Citians as well.


Curls & Associates specialized in real estate consulting, sales and appraisal analysis of both single/multi-family residential properties and commercial industrial properties, including subdivision development analysis.


At a time when African-Americans were not permitted to join mainstream real estate associations, Curls & Associates was hosting sales and appraising courses for local African-Americans, offering a blueprint for success to others interested in participating in the real estate industry. In the late ‘50s – early ‘60s, Curls & Associates was one of the largest African-American real estate companies in Missouri.


As noted by founder Fred Curls in 1962, “My policy during the decade has been dealing squarely and fairly with my clients and thinking equally in satisfying them as well as making sales.”


The firm’s commitment to this policy contributed to its increasing success through the decades which followed, and also inspired Dr. Karen Curls, one of Fred Curls’ children, when she founded her real estate firm, Jude Joseph, LLC.


Both firms consistently demonstrated a commitment to educating clients about the responsibilities of property ownership and the impact that property maintenance has on an entire neighborhood. For example, in a 1962 statement, Mr. Curls noted “We feel it is our duty and responsibility…to inform home owners of their responsibility in keeping their property in a good state of repair and not be considered by neighbors as ‘a drag’ because of carelessness in maintaining their home and premises in a presentable fashion.”


Jude Joseph has consistently demonstrated this commitment by purchasing, renovating, and selling single family homes in inner city neighborhoods to promote homeownership and economic reinvestment in community. In addition, the firm has provided seasoned guidance to faith-based organizations’ successful efforts to restore the housing stock of their communities. 


Together, the resulting Curls Jude Joseph LLC, is building on its long standing legacy of commitment to community by providing project management, development consulting, site acquisition, project development, project planning and design, and compliance monitoring.


Due to firm members’ significant breadth of knowledge and experience, real understanding of the issues impacting inner city communities, and strong commitment to the revitalization of urban, blighted areas, members of Curls Jude Joseph have created strong positive relationships with community and financial organizations, governmental entities, faith-based partners, and private entrepreneurs.


The result?   Quality projects and successful urban economic development.



"My policy during the decade has been dealing squarely and fairly with my clients..."-- Fred Curls, 1962

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