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Curls Jude Joseph Property Group, LLC, is a full-service real estate development firm.


Our areas of expertise include project management, development consulting, site acquisition, project development, project planning and design, and compliance monitoring.


Over the years, members of CJJ have earned strong positive relationships with community and financial organizations, governmental entities, faith-based partners, and private entrepreneurs, resulting in the development of quality projects and urban economic development.


Our success is due to the significant breadth of knowledge and experience our team possesses, together with a real understanding of the issues impacting inner city communities and a strong commitment to the revitalization of urban, blighted areas.


Curls Jude Joseph, LLC, founded in 2003, has continued to focus on restoring residential housing in Kansas City’s inner city and promoting homeownership and economic reinvestment in the community.  Curls Jude Joseph purchases, renovates, and sells single family homes in inner city neighborhoods.


In addition, CJJ also serves as a consultant to faith-based organizations providing guidance and input in their efforts to restore the housing stock in the vicinity of their communities.


Dr. Karen E. Curls is the principal of Curls Jude Joseph Property Group, LLC. 

Where to Find Us:

Curls Jude Joseph

Property Group LLC

 in the Historic Lincoln Building

1601 E 18th St
  Suite 120
Kansas City, MO 64108

Phone: (816) 923-5700

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